Tuesday the 12th October 1999, in a cold, damp attic room in Hillerød, Denmark, 3 Danes and a Scottish guy who had made acquaintance in an Irish pub a few months earlier unpacked their instruments
That’s where Gatsby met together for the first time, jammed some ideas, had a few beers, annoyed the neighbours. What could have been better? In fact, our first ever release in 2001, was called ”It Happened on a Tuesday” as a nostalgic throwback to that very evening.
In 2002 we recorded our first ever album, ”Meant To Be”, twelve songs of unashamedly Britpop inspired pop rock, they were good times, we played festivals, bigger venues and had gathered quite a loyal following.
Life happens, families and work happen and music, sometimes has so to take a hiatus, over the next many years, the band played the occasional concert or festival, also for a short time under the name ”The Additives”. Although semi-dormant, they embers were kept glowing.
In 2020 work began on a long awaited second album, released in 2021, under a time of corona restrictions and almost no possibility for live concerts, ”How to Hide in Public”was released as an online project, a combination of a few old songs that we had never managed to record and some brand new tracks were released to positive feedback.
2022 saw the release of 11 brand new songs and our 3rd album, this time the band has taken a whole new direction and have released an album that is much more rock orientated. ”Seasonal changes in a Mundane World” has pace, rhythm, melodies and a massive dose of good old fashioned rock and roll.
It is where we are, what we love and where our journey has taken us.
2022 will also see us finally play live again.